Drink Rocks

Runa Klock developed by Areaware Drink Rocks keep your spirits as they should be: undiluted. These platonically shaped stones were handmade by skilled craftsmen, giving each set a unique natural look.

The greatest challenge I had during development was finding a manufacturer that would be able to carve soapstone into these forms. After four months of careful research I was able to find a manufacturer who specialized in hand carved soapstone figurines but was also producing soapstone kitchenwares.  
The second greatest challenge was how to reduce the variables of each form so that there were visual consistencies. Through dozens of rounds and endless negotiations I was able to finally see results that would match the drink stones closely to the original designer specs but still hold the handmade charm. 
three dimensional
platonically frozen forms
cocktail companion

Photography by Stella Berkosfsky and Kendall Mills

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