Fish Picnic Knife

Axel Brechensbauer developed by Areaware. This combination knife and bottle opener is for picnics, camping trips, and your back pocket. Cut with its knife blade fin, open bottles with its tail, and feed it fish pellets once a day. Made from food-grade steel with a beech wood fish body.

The Fish Picnic Knife was a rather difficult and extensive project to develop. The reason for this was due to every component needing to be custom made and tested for quality and durability. The knife took on several transformations before finally settling on a sleek wooden body, with a thin glossy bottle opener tail with complementing eye rivet, and dorsal fin blade. 
swims with the fishes
cuts fruit and opens bottles 
always recycles

Photography by Sergiy Barchuk and Kendall Mills
Styling by Elsa Brown

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