Liquid Body Flask

The Principals developed by Areaware. The Liquid Body Flask has a unique shape created through hydroforming. Two sheets of surgical-grade stainless steel are welded together and inflated with water pressure, creating a slightly unique shape each time.

The Liquid Body Flask was by far the most challenging product I developed. Due to the extreme stresses placed on the metal during inflation, there were many sampling rounds produced in order to get the welding tolerances, finish strength, and expansion technique just right so that it could be successfully mass produced.

Packaging played a key role in selling this product. The higher price point demanded higher quality packaging that I helped to develop. Each flask style got its own special box that resembled their surface finish. We did away with any artwork of the flask, opting for a minimal look that felt bold and sophisticated. 
at sixty percent
you are a liquid body
float along with me

Photography by Carson Fisk-Vittori

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