Additional products I developed at Areaware over the past three years.

Eraser Pencil Stands by Phil Proctor and Earnest Studio
Good Luck Charms by Jonas DamonĀ 
Pig Bank by Harry Allen
Standing Pens by Clara von Zweigbergk
Paper Clips by Daphna Laurens
Bracelet Flask by Object & Totem
Contour Key Rings by Karl Zahn
Golden Section Finder by Parsons & Charlesworth
Windsocks by Fredericks & Mae
Kites by Fredericks & Mae
Prism Magnifier by Dan MartinezĀ 
Stick-Up-Sticks by Bower
Bottle House Stoppers by Daphna Laurens
Table Tiles by Bower
Solitaire Cards by Susan Kare

Rubber Pendulum Lamp
Foam Furniture
Studio Desk
Origami Toolbox
Fish Picnic Knife
Liquid Body Flask
Plant Pedestals
Drink Rocks
Mirror Masks
Color Puzzle
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